Australian Health Alliance

The Australian Health Alliance needed a print prospectus and website to support their UK convention launch to attract UK doctors to work in Adelaide’s southern suburbs.

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  • <design> custom in Illustrator CC </ >
  • <theme> custom theme </ >
  • <responsive design> yes </ >
  • <languages> html5, javascript, jQuery, CSS3 </ >
  • <cms> Adobe Business Catalyst </ >
  • tight deadline
  • print prospectus
  • custom website design based on print prospectus
  • showcasing lifestyle photos
  • adapts to any size device – great for people at the convention
  • animated transitions
  • content management system (Adobe Business Catalyst)

With a tight deadline to the convention launch, this was a collaboration project between myself and Joshua Lee from Room Three.

Joshua designed the concept for the print prospectus. I applied the concept design to the 56 pages of the prospectus content which was sent to the printer for printing. Meanwhile I designed and created a website to complement the prospectus and other marketing material, whilst Joshua worked on the screen view version of the prospectus document.

The website establishes a web presence and showcases the lifestyle photos of life in Adelaide and its southern suburbs. Even with the tight deadline, I was able to utilize responsive design to ensure the website works well on all screen sizes from large screens, laptops, tablets and smartphones – great for people at the convention. The website was built within Adobe’s Business Catalyst content management system. jQuery was utilized to create animated transitions for a pleasant viewing experience.