Friends of the Heysen Trail

A project to upgrade a website to use responsive design, to work on all devices, and improve the event registration interface.

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  • <responsive design> computers/laptops, tablets, smartphones </ >
  • <languages> php, HTML5, MySQLi, CSS, jQuery </ >

Back in 2007 I had created a new website, this 2012-13 project was to:

  • upgrade the website to use responsive design, so it would work on smartphones and tablets
  • upgrade the event registration system to be easier to use, and to enable people to register on a smartphone
  • improve access to information for the different website audiences by reviewing information architecture
  • update the Google Maps API interface, which shows trail campsites and GPS data, to the modern standard, which also works natively on smartphones

Ongoing work with this website has been undertaken on a volunteer basis, but this particular project was fee-for-service.


Friends of the Heysen Trail
10 Pitt Street, Adelaide SA 5000