HTML Coded, Styled Email Newsletters

This page shows numerous HTML email projects – quick projects to produce styled HTML coded emails for use in email sending programs like MailChimp, Campaign Monitor or other HTML email marketing programs.

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  • <html> HTML4 combined with media queries </ >
  • <knowledge of email client code quirks> </ >

Email marketing can get your business or cause directly into people’s inboxes. It’s highly measurable, and good email sending systems like MailChimp and Campaign Monitor are engineered to get as many emails as possible past spam filters and into inboxes.

The HTML coding of marketing emails uses an archaic form of HTML, combined with an extensive knowledge of the code interpretation quirks of email programs.

With many people reading emails on smartphones, it’s important that the email is optimized for both smartphones and desktop/laptop computers. This is achieved through use of media queries (again, with email programs code interpretation quirks), to ensure as many emails as possible can be viewed at 100% on smartphones.