Omega Air online store

An online store for an Australian distributor for a Slovenian company. With 400 products with 3,700 variations product data was manipulated from Excel files and PDF brochures to be imported into WooCommerce as store products.

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  • <cms> WordPress </ >
  • <store software> WooCommerce </ >
  • <responsive design> computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones </ >
  • <languages> html5, javascript, jQuery, CSS3, Photoshop scripting, Excel scripting, Dreamweaver CC scripting </ >

The design was dictated by the Slovenian company’s newly developed brand, which was being used in print brochures but had not yet been applied to their website.

With over 400 products with 3,700 variations, the key to the success of this project was in the efficient manipulation of data from a number of sources, so as to be imported into the store software. With so many products, it was important that this process was smooth and manageable, whilst capturing as much data as possible. Data sources included Excel files, PDF brochures and folders of images. Scripting methods were used in Excel, Dreamweaver and Photoshop to format data correctly.

  • WordPress Content Management System
  • WooCommerce store
  • Responsive design to work on all screen sizes
  • 400 products with 3,700 variations
  • Creating processes to prepare data and import a large number of products
  • Custom theme design to match Omega Air Slovenia’s new corporate brand
  • business account logins for loyalty discount and account payment


Cope Air Technologies
Grange, Adelaide South Australia