SA Christian Endeavour

CE’s existing website was simple, devoid of images and with a complex menu, and did not engage with their key audiences. This project involved developing a strategy for their website, the design and development. The strategy involved identifying key audiences to ensure the website was structured and designed with those users in mind.


A strategy was developed:

< Techo Babble />

  • <design> Illustrator CC </ >
  • <theme> custom theme with custom plug-ins and custom shortcodes </ >
  • <responsive design> large desktops, desktops/laptops, tablets, smartphones </ >
  • <cms> WordPress </ >
  • <languages> php, HTML5, Javascript, jQuery, CSS3 </ >
  • identifying the four key audiences and their individual needs (christian youth, their parents, church leaders, and potential program volunteers)
  • determining the key purpose of the website
  • comparison of existing website to current website design and structure trends (usability and convention, graphical interfaces, device agnostic)
  • analysis of 10 like-minded or competing websites, locally, interstate and internationally
  • information architecture (site layout of pages and their menu labels)
  • design suitable for youth audience
  • wire frames (diagrams indicating a page’s structure and layout)

The strategy recommended splitting the menu into a primary and secondary menu, which would communicate more effectively with key audiences. The primary menu focuses on key programs of the organisation, whilst the secondary menu focuses on the organisation itself.


The design process was undertaken to ensure the website design:

  • appealed to youth
  • visual engagement with photos & video

A custom design was produced which met these criteria, and included versions for:

  • desktop monitors and large laptops (1600px+ wide)
  • desktop monitors / laptops (1000px wide)
  • tablets
  • smartphones

By designing for both large and small desktop/laptop monitors, the visual elements of the website fill the screen to further engage with users.

WordPress Development

A custom theme was developed from the custom design. Implemented into WordPress, the website uses custom plug-ins and custom shortcodes. Customisation allowed specific information, such as new projects, to be added within the admin interface using fields perfectly suited to that info.

Email Campaigns

A MailChimp branded email was also developed, which uses limited responsive design to display at 100% text size on smartphones.


SA Christian Endeavour
(CE Network, CE Camps)
Mt Barker, South Australia