Shopping Centre Websites

Crisp Advertising logoA collaborative project to redevelop 6 shopping centre websites with mobile-friendly centre directory.

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  • <custom data> Presentation of complex data with custom post types, custom taxonomies and Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) plug-in </ >
  • <responsive design> desktops/laptops, tablets, smartphones </ >
  • <languages > HTML5, Javascript, jQuery, CSS3, php </ >
  • <centre directory > mapplic touch-friendly flash-free </ >

This was a collaborative project with Crisp Advertising. The project involved implementing a supplieds design into the WordPress CMS for six shopping centre websites owned by Makris Group. There were several additional shopping centre websites for other clients.

A key user task is to view and find retailers in their local shopping centre in the centre directory. A solution was identified and implemented which works on all mobile devices and computers, without the use of Adobe Flash, and avoiding clumsy mechanisms. Using Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) and custom post types, it was possible to develop specialised fields to suit a wide variety of retailers in each centre, and have the centre directory be dynamically generated as retailers change over time.