Walking SA

Walking SA needed a website to engage with a broad audience and inspire people to walk for transport, health or pleasure. Their existing website was dated, lacked strategy and did not connect with their audience or adequately reflect the organisation’s cause.

This website project was to project the organisation’s image to engage with people, hikers, health and government bodies. The website provides an array of tools to people to upload and share their own hikes and search for places to walk and hike.

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  • <design> Illustrator CC </ >
  • <theme> custom theme with custom plug-ins and custom shortcodes </ >
  • <custom data> Presentation of complex data with custom post types, custom taxonomies and Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) plug-in </ >
  • <responsive design> large desktops, desktops/laptops, tablets, smartphones </ >
  • <cms> WordPress </ >
  • <languages> MySQL, php, HTML5, Javascript, jQuery, CSS3 </ >

Walking SA’s previous website dated from the early 2000’s, was poorly branded and struggled to communicate with their audiences. The organisation’s focus had recently shifted to include walking for transport and health, not just bushwalking.

A strategy was undertaken to:

  • analyse the current website
  • determine how to project the organisation’s image
  • compare current visual design trends
  • comparison of the website’s of six other peak bodies around the country
  • assess a BDO review, initiated by the SA Government into Walking SA’s purpose and effectiveness, for recommendations that could be implemented.

The brand of the organisation was weak, confusing in its implementation, and dated. As part of my voluntary work with Walking SA, I undertook a brand refresh with a new logo, inspired by marketing undertaken on their behalf by Caston Design in 2013. This voluntary portion of the project also included a Brand Style Guide. The majority of this website project was professionally compensated.

The website has a number of features to engage with and encourage people to walk:

  • Full screen photos to inspire people to discover new places by walking
  • Full screen Google Map interfaces, to reinforce the visual theme
  • Find a Place to Walk directory, allowing website visitors to refine the list by trail length, time and difficulty criteria, and which includes a facility for website visitors to add and share their own walking routes and hiking trails
  • Calendar of walk events from member clubs, and walk-for-a-cause events. This included automating the import of various calendar feeds, and allowing other member clubs to add and maintain their own walk events. This facilitates member clubs to differentiate themselves
  • Dynamic list of walking clubs around South Australia and the Northern Territory, allowing website visitors to refine the list by activity and location criteria, and view detailed profile pages
  • Dynamic list of 50 walking guides, including books, apps and websites
  • Detailed technical information for walking trail access issues. This included input of an array of custom fields, maps and slideshows
  • MailChimp HTML email with subscription forms, allowing website visitors to select topics of interest to them

Complex information such as this required 7 custom post types, numerous custom taxonomies, custom plugins. Custom shortcodes make it easy to format information in the admin editor.