World Rogaining Championships Temporary Home Page

A rapidly deployed single page ‘placeholder’ website about a forthcoming sports event.

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  • <framework > html website </ >
  • <languages > HTML, jQuery, Google Maps API </ >

A rogaining adventure sport championship event was to be held in two years time, and the opportunity to market the event at a current European championship that was to occur on the next weekend was too good to miss.

A single-page website was rapidly designed and deployed.

There was:

  • no logo designed yet, and
  • no branding yet, and
  • event information was minimal.

Rather than just listing the event name and date, we could utilize some of the field photos taken, and generic information about local attractions and simply combine that with a countdown to event timer and email news sign-up form.

Just like the rogaining adventure sport itself, the single page allowed people to discover the underlying map; when the page loaded point of interest markers fell on to the map, then the black “page front” slid in over the top of the map.

The single-page website was in place in time for current European championship, and remained in place for the next 10 months, before being replaced by a campaign website, built in Joomla by volunteers:

The original single-page website can still be viewed at: